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Top 8 DePIN Altcoins With 20x Profit Potential in 2024

Decentralized physical infrastructure networks, or DePINs, are blockchain protocols that build, maintain, and operate physical hardware infrastructure in an open and decentralized manner. So, is it just a buzzword, or is it here to stay? It’s early to say what the prospects will be but analysts suggest that DePIN will make it big this year.  

As the crypto world gears up for a bull run, DePIN has become the talk of the town. Simply put, it’s a new way of kickstarting infrastructure projects. Using tokens as incentives, DePIN empowers people to build physical infrastructure in a decentralized way, earning tokens for their efforts. Benefits include faster development, tailored to local needs, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and seamless integration with DeFi, promising a brighter future for infrastructure.

Altcoin Daily predicts 2024’s top 8 DePIN coins with 20x potential. Dive In!

Wi-Fi Maps (WIFIM)

A one-stop shop for internet and lifestyle services, Wi-Fi Maps provides decentralized Wi-Fi connectivity. As a DePIN ecosystem challenger, Wi-Fi Maps has millions of monthly active users and billions of Wi-Fi connections after a successful 2014 run.

Helium (HNT)

Helium leads the people-powered wireless network revolution with strategic alliances and user-driven infrastructure deployment. Its recent partnership with T-Mobile shows its ability to disrupt wireless networks and extend the decentralized connection.

Filecoin (FIL)

Filecoin integrates with Solana and Render to provide decentralized storage. The DePIN infrastructure relies on Filecoin’s safe and efficient data storage, which is scalable and reliable.

Theta Network (THETA)

Theta Network revolutionizes content delivery and data transmission through its decentralized video delivery and edge computing capabilities. As the demand for high-quality streaming services grows, Theta Network’s innovative solutions position it as a key player in the DePIN landscape.

Jackal (JKL)

Jackal offers decentralized storage solutions across blockchains, empowering users to turn their hardware wallets into infinite USB drives. With its focus on enhancing data storage efficiency and accessibility, Jackal addresses critical challenges in the DePIN space.

Orchid Protocol (OXT)

Orchid Protocol pioneers a decentralized marketplace for internet services, aiming to democratize access to the internet and foster a more inclusive digital ecosystem. Through its innovative approach to internet infrastructure, Orchid Protocol promotes greater freedom and accessibility online.


DePIN’s IoT capabilities depend on IOTA, which enables machine-to-machine transactions and data sharing. IOTA improves decentralized infrastructure network efficiency and connection through interoperability and scalability.

Darkcoin (DARK)

Darkcoin emerges as an oscillator in the DePIN  space, drawing on its extensive history and active development to offer unique solutions in decentralized infrastructure. With its commitment to innovation and resilience, Darkcoin remains a significant player in the evolving landscape of DePIN crypto.

But remember, any investment carries risk. So, do your research, understand the technology, and invest responsibly. DePINs might just be the infrastructure revolution we’ve been waiting for.

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