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Altcoins To Crash In Coming Weeks: Predicts Crypto Expert Samson Mow

Hold on tight, crypto fans! In light of Bitcoin reaching a new all-time high of $71,000, Samson Mow, former CSO at Blockstream and current CEO at Jan3, offers his bullish insights. While acknowledging this milestone, he also cautions about a possible burst in the cryptocurrency market. 

Is the Crypto Market Ready for a Shake-Up?

Samson Mow, a well-known figure in the crypto world, recently warned about a potential crash in altcoins. He’s a big supporter of Bitcoin and thinks it could reach $1 million per coin. Mow pointed out that altcoins, like Solana, have seen huge gains but need a more steady investment flow than Bitcoin enjoys. He believes there might be a big drop in altcoin prices while Bitcoin keeps rising, which is unusual. Altcoins are expected to explode since Bitcoin has broken its previous bull cycle ATH, and investors want to know what’s next. 

Let’s understand the bull dynamics

Mow’s cautionary words carry weight in the current bullish scenario, especially given his advocacy for a remarkable $1 million per BTC target. Mow emphasized the unsustainable nature of altcoin gains compared to Bitcoin’s robust performance, highlighting a significant difference in daily investment inflows between Bitcoin ETFs and other cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, analysts’ comparisons between the market capitalization of altcoins like Solana and traditional companies like MicroStrategy (MSTR) highlight an imbalance in the market. This raises concerns about the stability of altcoin prices, particularly given the possibility of changes in investor sentiment and market conditions.

Bitcoin vs. altcoins

Surprisingly, Mow thinks altcoins might drop while Bitcoin keeps rising, which has not been seen before. Historically, altcoins follow Bitcoin’s lead, but it could be different this time. This might make investors rethink their plans and how they manage risks.

Even though altcoins have grown 66.77% this year, with a total value of over $1.2 trillion, Bitcoin is still the big player with a value of over $1.4 trillion. So, Bitcoin, with over 72% increase, remains the top choice for investors, leaving altcoins in a bit of a risky spot as per the data from the Total 2 Index.  

The Total 2 Index data shows that the current capitalization of the altcoin market stands at $1.246 trillion, marking a significant growth of 66.77% since the beginning of the year. Despite this growth, Bitcoin maintains its dominance with a capitalization surpassing $1.4 trillion, reflecting a 72% increase in value over the same period.

Mow’s warning highlights the widening gap between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, raising questions about the future of alternative coins amid Bitcoin’s dominance. While some share Mow’s concerns, others believe certain altcoins have the potential to meet specific needs and find their place in the evolving crypto space.

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