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Why Trump is the Crypto Community’s Pick for U.S. President: A Surprising Poll Result –

Key Takeaways:

  • A recent poll by Paradigm shows that former President Donald Trump is the preferred presidential candidate among U.S. voters who own cryptocurrency, leading against President Joe Biden with 48% to 39% support.
  • The survey revealed that a notable percentage of the electorate owns cryptocurrency (7% hold over $1,000 worth), and a significant portion (19%) has invested in crypto, indicating a growing integration of digital currencies into mainstream financial activities.
  • Despite the interest in cryptocurrencies, nearly half of the surveyed voters (49%) express a lack of trust in either major political party to address crypto policies effectively, highlighting a desire for clearer and more proactive crypto regulation.

A recent survey initiated by the cryptocurrency investment firm Paradigm revealed that a significant portion of U.S. voters are cryptocurrency owners dissatisfied with the current financial system.

The study indicated that among these voters, former President Donald Trump emerges as the preferred candidate over President Joe Biden for the upcoming presidential election.

The research, which analyzed responses from 1,000 online participants, found that 48% of individuals with cryptocurrency investments are inclined to support Trump, whereas 39% would choose Biden.

Notably, the survey, carried out by Public Opinion Strategies, suggests a competitive edge for Trump with a 3.5% margin of error, highlighting a close race with a considerable number of undecided voters who could influence the final outcome.

The poll also explored the participants’ cryptocurrency holdings, revealing that 7% possess over $1,000 in digital currencies, and 19% have engaged in cryptocurrency purchases.

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Additionally, the survey addressed the trustworthiness of political parties regarding cryptocurrency policy, with nearly half of the respondents (49%) expressing a lack of confidence in either party to adequately address crypto-related issues.

According to Paradigm’s Justin Slaughter and Dominique Little, the findings underscore a growing demand among voters for decisive leadership in cryptocurrency policy.

The survey also shed light on the interest in bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), with more than 10% of respondents indicating they have bought or plan to buy into such investment options, suggesting the recent Securities and Exchange Commission’s approval of bitcoin spot ETFs has caught the attention of both institutional and individual investors.

As the presidential race heats up, with the primaries concluding and Biden and Trump solidifying their positions as the likely nominees for their respective parties, other general election polls show the candidates in a tight race.

Trump appears to have a narrow lead, setting the stage for a highly contested election.

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