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Varun Kumar, CEO of Hashflow, on Decentralized Exchanges, AI, and the Future of ETH | Ep.

In an exclusive interview with, Varun Kumar, CEO of Hashflow, talks about the current state of crypto, growing decentralized exchanges, and the next steps for Ethereum. 

About Varun Kumar

Varun Kumar is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hashflow, a decentralized exchange designed for users to trade seamlessly across chains while offering zero slippage, improved pricing, and MEV-protection. Varun Kumar is the brains behind Hashflow, having previously served as an aerospace engineer.

Founded in 2019, Hashflow aims to connect institutional market makers to traders using a request-for-quote (RFQ) model as opposed to automated market makers (AMM). In turn, traders and liquidity providers gain enhanced efficiency, security, valuation and products previously impossible in DeFi.

Varun Kumar gave a wide-ranging exclusive interview which you can see below, and we are happy for you to use it for publication provided there is a credit to

Highlights Of The Interview

  • OpenAI’s GPT-3 Chat – a true game changer that will also impact the crypto industry
  • Current state of crypto – bad actors are gone and people have been red pilled
  • DEXs over CEXs – user experience and convenience are key growth factors
  • HashFlow – a decentralized exchange with less slippage
  • Ethereum – what’s next for ETH? Was the merge actually successful?




Full Transcript Of The Interview

Matt Zahab
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Cryptonews Podcast. We’re buzzing as always, and today we have a guest whose company is absolutely tearing it up right now. We’d love to see it. Today we have Varun Kumar, the co-founder and CEO of Hashflow, a decentralized exchange designed for users to trade seamlessly, across chains. Pumped to have this guy on very pleased to welcome Varun Kumar to the Cryptonews Podcast, Varun. Welcome to show my friend. 

Varun Kumar 
Thank you for having me, Matt. Excited to talk about the life I’ve had life. 

Matt Zahab 
You on to man, I’m pumped to have you on I think a good place to start would be the news of the last week. And that was shot from the ChatBot from GPT-3 and the team at OpenAI. It literally took Twitter by storm, not just Twitter. I even saw a good old LinkedIn post many LinkedIn posts about it. And honestly, they weren’t too cringy either. They were actually sort of comical unless of the I woke up this morning. And my dog took a dump. And I looked at his dump and created my new company was less of that, you know, cringe bullshit was actually quite nice. But what’s your whole take on GPT-3 AI this new ChatBot, you know, people are saying and it’s going to take over the world? What’s your two cents on it? 

Varun Kumar 
I think I’m a big fan. Right? So it’s already got over 1 million like daily active users since it got released last week. Since I think. Generally, I think I’m a big fan of like both GPT-3 chat, the ChatBot as well as the regenerator part, I’ve been seeing a show of people experimenting with like giving AI the cues and AI basically generate art or text or anything. But firstly, I was like, Okay, this could actually, maybe who knows, in the future, all these Tweets you’re seeing will no longer be written by people, it will be written by AI, there was already a job for making the trends. So like, we actually had an active role for social media person, then we’ll go Wait, do we need to hire a social media person now? Can we just tell the GPT-3 to generate the Tweets in the style I want? I think that could be really interesting. So generally, I think I’m actually quite excited. And I think this could really disrupt or make the work really easy for companies that are looking to generate like writing good blog posts and just creating content, I think it’s a good news for people who are looking to create content. But I think the interesting thing is like, would that actually also result in many people who actually have the jobs? Would they be taken away from them? Or how would you feel you’d have to compete with an AI to create like more banger memes or banger Tweets? 

Matt Zahab 
Definitely a bad day to be a copywriter. Like I’ve been playing around with it nonstop. And even the ability to just be like write me a 500 word article on like ETH, or Bitcoin or Hashflow or whatever, and it bangs it out. It’s so clean, and it also gives you a stencil. You know, like it’s pretty crazy. And then the going rates like 10 cents a word for most legit publications 1000 word article 200 bucks. 

Varun Kumar 
Crazy good. Like, I also divided poetry. It was like, feeling like, I blinked my eyes. And I was like, Wait, this is actually quite good. And I’m like, okay, maybe this is gonna be really exciting. So I’ve gone down the rabbit hole, I’ve been playing with that for the last like 48 hours. And I’m like, this is just blowing my mind. So I’m a big fan. 

Matt Zahab 
The thing that again, I wish I had the bandwidth and the skill set to take advantage of this. But you’re a coder, you know how to your developer. And I’ve seen people put in like, is this what are they right? They’d be like, hey, Is this legit? Or is this clean? Or what errors are in this subset of code? And then they copy and paste that and, and the ChatBot would literally like give the right code? Like that’s absolutely bonkers. That’s insane. That’s probably going to change a lot of coding jobs as well.

Varun Kumar 
Absolutely. I think Balaji had a pretty interesting, I forgot the Tweet where he talked about this on how the future of code like AI, you can just tell the AI to even like write stuff and give it the prompt on what you want. And it’ll generate out for you. And I saw that, this another close to the day where there was a trading strategy in Python. And then they just gave AI that prompt to write a trading strategy to do X. And they just wrote a Python script to do exactly that. And that was fascinating. So I think this is just the beginning right which is exactly why I’m okay. This is like going to be really exciting to see where this goes in the next few years. 

Matt Zahab 
Yeah, heck, I can add software engineer to my, to my LinkedIn bio now just ask, just ask OpenAI. It’s pretty crazy. One thing that I don’t like about it is the censorship. Now, this is obviously a very sticky subject to discuss. But what’s the right play here? Like? Do we want to have AI censorship? Do we want to make it a wild west like, and I’m not talking censorship in regards to sort of what it’s building, but just the topics that it can discuss are the topics in which it can bang out a bunch of text war, if you played around with that at all, like no political figures, no religion, there’s a whole lot of stuff that you really can’t ask it. Or you need to find a better way, you need to find better inputs and variables and queries to give it to the OpenAI, the GPT-3 for it to then give you the answer that you want, what’s your two cents on that. 

Varun Kumar 
Just really, genuinely fit in the boat that censorship is an insult to intelligence, or it’s just so generally I’m like, let’s not censor anything, and let the creativity flow. And because the moment you say, we can censor x is just over time, that demand is only going to keep going up. And at some point, you will just be like, Okay, let’s censor everything. That’s basically how it’s like giving power to that part of the state. Why they were you start with something small. And over time, it just grows. And then you basically have, like, basically, that slavery wherever you’re serving the state. Right. So that being said, there’s also things like having child pornography is likely not a good idea. So I think, is actually just a way to make it fair. So that’s were you draw that line. So I think that’s what it comes down to. 

Matt Zahab 
Who gets to draw that line? Right? 

Varun Kumar 
Yeah, I mean, some things are like logical, right? Like you know, child pornography is bad. Like, you know, you don’t need an objective debate to see whether it’s a good thing. No, because you’d know it’s bad, right? So you don’t need a person to defy that, which I feel like that is something that could just come by default, but the same time. That’s the things like writing some controversial piece about what you may think, is a conspiracy, but may not be a conspiracy, that’s like, that doesn’t need to be censored, right? So you can basically take liberties in terms of expressing opinions about subjects that other people may disagree with that, so that certain things where you can you, everyone can objectively agree that this is bad, right? And you don’t need to explain that to somebody. And like, let’s say child pornography is a prime example of something that no one is going to debate and say, No, that that’s a good thing. So things like that, you can by default, just does not have them. But besides that, I don’t think that there’s anything that is opinion based, I don’t think should be censored. 

Matt Zahab 
Well said, let’s jump into Crypto here and the current state of the market, by the time this episode airs, it will be very early ish to mid December around, you know, December 8, December 10 kind of thing. We just had the FTX fiasco about, you know, close to a month ago, we’ve had just a horrendous year through and through mind you a lot of incredible companies have been built. But for the most part, it’s been a bit of a rough year, and definitely an uphill battle for everyone in the Space. Now, one of the good things that has happened is consumers have finally understood the importance of decentralized exchanges, your keys are not your keys, not your coins, moving things offline, and just how centralized exchanges really are just no bueno as a whole. Really, the only purpose you should ever use them for is just really to onboard you know, Fiat to Crypto and otherwise, get it off, do your own thing. And this is obviously done extremely well for Hashflow as you guys are one of the leading indexes decentralized exchanges in this Space. But before we get into Hashflow, what’s your take on the current Crypto market? Do we have a positive year ahead? Do we have another year of a bloodbath? What do you think’s going to happen over the next 12 months? 

Varun Kumar 
So it’s hard for me to say what’s going to happen obviously, and anything I’m saying is basically just an opinion right? Just I don’t want anyone to take that as a signal. 

Matt Zahab 
Not financial advice, just an opinion. 

Varun Kumar 
Not a financial advice exactly. But I think on one hand short term is really bad like FTX par ing down 3AC Terra wasn’t like good for anyone right? Lots of people lost money. But at the same time, I also think that long term is good for the Space because many bad actors are gone at this point and I think it also red pilled many people in the sense that previously the things that they took for granted like them openly seeing how pretty much…

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