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The Future Is Green For Crypto – These Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrencies Are Set To Explode

“Going green” is one of the biggest focuses of many countries, companies and individuals around the world. Staving off global warming and reversing some of the negative effects to the environment are hot-button topics, and for good reason.

The phrase “eco-friendly” has entered the vernacular of just about every aspect of life. Even investors are taking control of where they dump their money, more cognizant than ever of whether they’re contributing to the betterment of the environment.

Cryptocurrency has traditionally been a huge drain on the environment, with the super-computing necessary for cryptos such as Bitcoin taking up loads of energy and producing harmful emissions.

But, there are some cryptos that are taking an eco-friendly approach. Aside from just the “green” aspect of these crypto projects, there are unique aspects to each that make them great investments.

Below are seven of the top eco-friendly cryptocurrencies set to explode, starting with the four projects leading the way – IMPTDash 2 TradeRobotEra, and Calvaria.

The Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrencies Set to Explode- Quick Outline

Before we dive into the full details, he’s a quick outline of the best eco-friendly cryptocurrencies set to explode:

  1. IMPT — Carbon offsets on the blockchain
  2. RobotEra — Build a new world on the metaverse
  3. Dash 2 Trade – Giving insights to crypto traders
  4. Calvaria – A great new way to on-board crypto gamers
  5. Tezos – Lightning-fast transactions
  6. IOTA — Using ‘the Tangle’ to validate transactions
  7. Hedera — A project off the blockchain

IMPT — Carbon Offsets on the Blockchain

There’s a lot of talk about companies reducing their carbon footprint. Some are able to do that directly by switching to electric vehicles or other eco-friendly moves to reduce their emissions. Some, though, are simply not able to make a big enough direct impact.

So, instead, they help contribute by purchasing carbon offsets. Essentially, they invest money into projects that are going to be environmentally-friendly as a way to “offset” the carbo emissions that they’re unable to reduce at their business. For years, this was done in a disjointed way.

Now, has come along to change that. is a platform based on the blockchain that helps individuals and businesses offset their own carbon footprints in a very easy and secure way. While you’re doing normal shopping, you can acquire carbon credits, or purchase them on the platform directly.

These carbon credits are tokenized and received in the form of an NFT. The fact that it’s fully decentralized makes it completely transparent and traceable, removing the possibility of fraud — which was a huge concern of carbon offsets in the past.

What’s more, the project will connect users with impactful environmental projects around the world, which only expands how much of a change can be made.

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IMPT’s IEO On Uniswap Set For December 14, 2022

IMPT will appear on Uniswap’s decentralized exchange on December 14th, followed by two more CEX listings on LBank and Changelly Pro. The IEO is only a week away, so you still have time to invest early and get the highest returns.

The official IMPT presale is still open, so don’t miss your chance to invest in the greenest crypto likely to explode in the upcoming months. Visit and get the best price for the IMPT token today.

RobotEra – Build a New World on the Metaverse

RobotEra (TARO) is a great new crypto project where users can build an entire new world on the metaverse. Following a great war, the beautiful planet of Taro needs some help. Users on this crypto project can become robot avatars in this sandbox-like, planet-rebuilding metaverse to help in this regard. They can use the resources from the planet to build whatever they can dream up.

In addition, they can create robot companions and invite other users to collaborate or enjoy what they have created. All new NFT communities will occur through RobotEra, which is providing immense value since they’re all based around the $TARO token.

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Dash 2 Trade – Giving Insights to Crypto Traders

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)  is a new data and insights platform specifically geared toward crypto traders. By providing easy-to-use and customize buy and sell signals, D2T allows crypto traders to effectively identify the best investment opportunities in the crypto market.

As a result, D2T is contributing to green crypto projects by highlighting the ones that are legitimate and making it easier for crypto investors to pump their money into them. So many different crypto projects claim to be green, but many aren’t in reality.

By using an insights platform like Dash 2 Trade, crypto traders can identify the real from the fake. The social signals specifically allow crypto traders to see what’s being talked about online, to further help them determine the best green crypto projects to invest in.

The platform will roll out its dashboard feature after the fourth presale stage that’s currently open. There were supposed to be nine, but the increasing need for a crypto analytics platform has kicked development into a higher gear.

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Calvaria – A Great New Way to On-Board Crypto Gamers

Calvaria (RIA) is overcoming one of the biggest challenges that crypto games face – attracting non-crypto gamers to their project, and then keeping them for the long term. By providing both a free-to-play and P2E version of its game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, RIA is giving non-crypto gamers the chance to experience what it’s all about – without having to spend any money at all.

It’s a great new approach to attracting new users, and one that’s working quite well already. Due to this approach, RIA is more likely to retain their users, since they become fans of the game first and foremost – and then become crypto investors as a result. This leads to higher retention and fewer dumps, which contributes to its greener aspect.

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Tezos — Lightning-Fast Transactions

Tezos (XTZ) is eco-friendly because of the lightning-fast transactions on its platform. This makes for a very sustainable crypto for the future. In fact, it’s estimated that the entire network will consume the equivalent amount of energy annually as only 17 citizens. That’s quite a feat.

The team that has developed XTZ says that, over time, the blockchain is only going to get faster and more efficient which would make it even more eco-friendly over time. They are very transparent, as they provide emissions data about the blockchain on a monthly basis, so investors can see what good they’re doing.

XTZ has gotten a lot of awareness recently because of two major partnerships in the sports world with McLaren Racing and Manchester United.

IOTA — Using ‘the Tangle’ to Validate Transactions

IOTA is a crypto project in the IoT (Internet of Things) space. Basically, it enables various devices to transaction and interact with each other. The novel approach, though, comes through the validation of transactions, which is done through what they call “the Tangle.”

There’s no mining involved at all and no transaction fees either. This makes the project considerably eco-friendly and also allows it to grow exponentially. In fact, the network takes up less energy than one light on a Christmas tree takes up for a second. That’s very impressive.

Hedera — A Project off the Blockchain

Unlike just about every other crypto on the market, Hedera (HBAR) is not based on the blockchain. Instead, it uses a unique algorithm called a “hashgraph.” The founder of this, Leemon Baird, uses what are known as “hashes” in place of blocks so that data can be stored. This allows the HBAR network to become faster down the line as more people end up using the network.

HBAR is very scalable as a result of this unique design, and as a result, it’s very eco-friendly as well. This helps set it apart from other proof-of-stake crypto coins out there that simply can’t match up with it.

One of the core values that Hedera holds to is sustainability. They are putting their money where their mouth is, too, as the team at the project every quarter purchases some carbon offsets to directly contribute to sustainability outside of their own project. In fact, the team has already purchased enough of these carbon offsets so that the network remains completely carbon-neutral.

That’s an eye-opening fact and one that will make many people take a closer look at Hedera when they’re searching for eco-friendly crypto projects.

The Top Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrencies Ready to Explode

Above are seven of the top eco-friendly cryptocurrencies ready to explode. They make for great investments because they will likely rise in value, and also because they’re great for the environment. So, if you want to be an eco-friendly investor, these are the way to go.

But, act now if you want to invest, as the best time to buy is right now. This is particularly true with IMPT, since it’s just a week from its IEO. However, you should also see what, RobotEra, Dash 2 Trade and Calvaria offer, as they are likely to join the highest-gainers club in early 2023.

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