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OHM Crypto Price Prediction: Will This Coin Pump Or Will D2T Be The Best New Crypto On The

The Bitcoin craze isn’t just a trendsetter – it’s inspired a legion of followers and spinoffs, becoming the benchmark for cryptocurrencies. The fact that Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency available makes it imperative to learn about other cryptocurrencies that are doing well.
These are other cryptocurrencies you might want to consider investing in right now based on their price predictions.
 1.   Dash 2 Trade
2.    IMPT
3.    Tamadoge
4.    Olympus (OHM)
5.    Cardano
6.    MetaHash
1.  Dash 2 Trade
The Dash 2 Trade cryptocurrency is set to become one of the hottest of 2022, thanks to its cutting-edge crypto analytics tools. As part of the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem, traders get access to trading signals, tools for building strategies, social sentiment indicators, on-chain analysis, and even a pre-sale scoring system.
The Dash 2 Trade ecosystem revolves around D2T, its native ERC-20 token. Similar to many great ERC-20 tokens, D2T has a built-in utility that makes it a vital part of Dash 2 Trade. It provides access to the platform’s ‘Starter’ and ‘Premium’ tiers.
To access the Starter tier, you’ll need to pay 400 D2T a month, while the Premium tier will cost you 1,000 D2T a month. Dash 2 Trade’s key features are available on both tiers, but the latter has more.

Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction
Following the launch yesterday, it has been just a few hours since Dash 2 Trade presale started, yet the project has already achieved significant milestones, crossing $300k within a few hours of its launch. As of right now, it has raised more than $400k and is sure to raise a lot more soon.
So far, Dash 2 Trade seems to be on its way to selling out its presale and possibly enjoying some successful listings.
But what’s the chance of it going higher than presale? It’s a good question, especially when the current bear market suggests big returns shouldn’t be expected for a while.
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2.  IMPT
The IMPT project is revolutionizing the carbon credit market. In IMPT’s ecosystem, carbon credits are bought, sold, and traded via NFTs, utilizing the power of Polygon’s blockchain technology.

Carbon credits are the best part of IMPT. Basically, a carbon credit is a measure of how much carbon is being eliminated from the atmosphere. So, one carbon credit equals one ton of carbon dioxide reduction.

The beauty of IMPT is that it makes carbon credits accessible to everyone. It partners with over 10,000 popular brands that donate a portion of their sales to eco-friendly causes. This means IMPT users will get $IMPT tokens (Its native currency) for everything they buy from these brands.

IMPT Price Prediction
A little more than two weeks ago, IMPT launched its first phase of the presale, and in two days, it reached the $500,000 milestone, which is incredible. At the moment, IMPT is still offering 600 million tokens at $0.018 each during its first phase.

Following the first phase, 660 million tokens will be offered for $0.023 each in the second phase, and 540 million tokens will be offered for $0.028 each in the third phase.

At the time of writing, IMPT’s first phase has already been completed at more than 53%, so over 319 million tokens have already been sold out of 600 million.

Their cap for investment is $10.8 million, but they’ve already raised over $5.7 million, showing how quickly they are growing.

Considering these numbers, it’s been a pretty successful presale, and the next two phases will be even better. It could sell within a couple of days if things keep going well. So, get them now.
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3.  Tamadoge
It’s no secret that meme coins are hot in the cryptocurrency world. Dogecoin, originally designed to poke fun at other cryptocurrencies, caught the attention of investors last year. Since Tamodoge was launched, it’s been buzzing, unlike other meme coins.
The reason why Tamadoge is doing so well is that it’s a cool concept that combines meme coins with a Play-to-Earn (P2E) metaverse game. As part of the game, players will be able to create digital pets that are also NFTs, as well as use TAMA as the native cryptocurrency. All of this happens in Tamaverse. In Tamaverse, you can meet up and take part in challenges together.
It’s kind of eco-friendly, too, since these pets are based on NFTs, which makes it more popular with NFT fans. In 2021, non-fungible tokens exploded because people were emotionally connected to them.

Tamadoge Price Prediction
Tamadoge’s long-term growth strategy makes it stand out, and it’s also why people love it. Even though cryptocurrency prices dropped, Tamadoge was able to raise 19 million during its presale after just two months of launch.
Tamadoge is a good choice because it’s available on a variety of exchanges, including Bitmart and Unswap. It’s going up even more now that LBank is listing it, which has over 7 million users. TAMA tokens will likely climb even higher in the future, so now is a good time to buy them.
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4.  Cardano
Developed by Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, Cardano is considered a third-generation blockchain. Using multiple layers of technology, it’s the first blockchain, and it’s the eighth-largest coin with more than $12 billion in market capitalization.
Cardano works with the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative. Due to its proof-of-stake algorithm, it doesn’t require mining and can scale without using more energy.

5.  MetaHash
Powered by Blockchain 4.0, MetaHash is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency with a transaction validation rate of fewer than three seconds. MetaHash announced in its 2021 results report that it would implement smart tokens and bridges into a larger release of tools.
6.  Olympus (OHM)
Protocols run by communities, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), are getting more popular. Community members like the idea of a fully decentralized structure. As a result, investors are now focused on user-led protocols like Olympus (OHM).
High-stake rewards are a big deal for investors in these community-run protocols. If you’re looking to mine OHM and make passive income, Olympus might be your lucky break.

What is OHM?
The OHM token is a decentralized financial (DeFi) token based on Ethereum, with the potential to become a stable coin by building community-owned decentralized financial infrastructures.
In OHM, there’s no peg to a certain price, unlike stablecoins. Basically, it means the price of OHM doesn’t necessarily reflect the dollar; rather, it’s backed up by Treasury values to some extent. As a result, OHM’s price can float instead of being pegged to $1.
Back in the spring of 2021, when cryptocurrencies were booming, Olympus (OHM) came on the market. In mid-October 2021, Olympus V2 rolled out with a strong emphasis on decentralization and immutability. New features like auto-staking for bonds and on-chain governance were introduced in Olympus V2.

OHM Price Prediction
Experts predict Olympus V2’s price will continue to plummet in 2022, and it’ll be worth nothing soon. The average price of the OHM coin in 2022 is predicted to be $17.52, going up to $20.44 in 2023 but down to $19.03 in 2024. For 2025, Olympus V2 is expected to cost $25.81.
Likewise, they think it’ll be worth $25.46 in 2026, $32.12 in 2027, $44.49 in 2028, and $56.24 in 2029. Until 2030, Olympus V2 will be $61.68.

So there you have it. Here are the top cryptos with their price predictions so you can make smarter crypto decisions. Having raised 400K in 24 hours and having cutting-edge features, Dash 2 Trade will make a big splash in the crypto market. On the other hand, Olympus (OHM) is also doing well in the crypto market, and experts are optimistic it will continue to do well.
Meanwhile, eco-friendly cryptos like IMPT, Tamadoge, and Cardano are also becoming popular thanks to their innovative features and motive to make the world a better place. Eventually, they will become one of the top cryptos.

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