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How to Buy Fight Out Crypto Token – Easy Guide for Beginners

New York, NY –News Direct– Finance News

Fight Out is an emerging cryptocurrency project that is currently in its presale phase.

The project is revolutionizing the move-to-earn concept to incorporate all forms of exercise and workout routines – whether that’s running, boxing, weight lifting, or cycling.

In this guide we explain how to buy Fight Out crypto and assess whether or not the project has what it takes to become the next 100x token.

Overview of the Fight Out Crypto Project

Fight Out was founded in late 2022 and as such, it is one of the newest crypto token projects on the scene. The project is building a global ecosystem that incorporates the move-to-earn (M2E) concept. For those unaware, the idea with M2E is that it rewards users for moving.

Fight Out is expanding on this concept by rewarding users for more than just walking and generating steps – as is the case with M2E in its current form. Via the soon-to-be-released mobile app, Fight Out will reward users for all forms of exercise.

In addition to walking, jogging, and running, this covers everything from weight lifting and boxing to tennis and Zumba. This is the view of motivating people from all over the world to get moving and ultimately – live a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with earning rewards.

Fight Out will also be launching its own gyms, in addition to a metaverse. Each and every feature offered by Fight Out will be accessible via its app. Users will need to pay a monthly subscription fee to gain access to the app and the subsequent M2E rewards.

In-app rewards in the Fight Out ecosystem are paid in REPS. REPS can be used for a variety of purposes, such as paying subscription fees and purchasing merchandise. In addition to REPS, there is the FGHT token. This is the project’s economic token that follows the ERC-20 standard.

The best way to gain exposure to the Fight Out ecosystem and future metaverse is to buy FGHT. Value investors can now buy FGHT tokens via the presale. We offer a step-by-step guide on how to invest in the Fight Out presale at the best price possible of $0.0166 further down.

Visit Fight Out Presale

Should You Invest in the Fight Out Crypto Presale?

All crypto investments come with a high risk-reward prospect, so research is crucial before parting with any funds.

In this section, we explore whether or not the Fight Out crypto presale represents a solid investment proposition.

Discounted Entry Price

As is the case with most crypto presales, investing in Fight Out at the fundraising stage ensures that the best price possible can be secured.

For example, the Fight Out crypto presale is currently in stage one. This means that the cheapest price is still available, at $0.0166 per FGHT token.

Fast forward to stage two – which will commence once $5 million has been raised, and the price will increase. This will be the case across all presale stages.

Furthermore, and perhaps most pertinently, Fight Out will be listed on crypto exchanges at $0.0333, once the presale has finished.

In comparison, stage one investors get a 50% discount on the exchange listing price.

Advanced Move-to-Earn

The move-to-earn trend continues to grow in stature, with society becoming more aware of the importance of staying fit and healthy.

Fight Out is looking to capitalize on this by incorporating rewards into its fitness app. In other words, FIght Out members will earn and accumulate FGHT tokens in return for exercising.

The Fight Out app will have the ability to track movements with advanced accuracy, which means that workouts are not limited to just walking.

Workouts can, therefore, include everything from lifting weights and boxing to playing a round of golf.

Real-World Utility

The most successful crypto projects are those that have a token with actual utility. Fight Out meets this criterion, as FGHT tokens are used to pay for app subscriptions.

As such, those looking to gain exposure to Fight Out can do so with ease, simply by holding FGHT tokens.

Visit Fight Out Presale

Fight Out Gyms Meets the Metaverse

The Fight Out ecosystem will form a crucial bridge between the physical and digital worlds.

Regarding the former, one of the core objectives of the Fight Out whitepaper is to open gyms in various locations around the world. This is in addition to forming partnerships with existing gym brands.

Either way, Fight Out gyms will be equipped with the required technology to track user movements and subsequently – generate crypto rewards.

Additionally, Fight Out will also be launching its own metaverse world – built on top of the Ethereum framework. This will run in conjunction with the aforementioned Fight Out gyms, subsequently creating a limitless world where members can compete and earn.

Token Holders Can Win $250k Worth of FGHT

Another reason why investors are exploring the Fight Out crypto presale in their droves is that the project is running a huge $250k giveaway.

The entire $250k will be won by one lucky person and entry to the giveaway is free. However, entry requires users to complete basic tasks – each of which results in one ticket.

For example, an entry ticket is offered for visiting the Fight Out website, making a post on Reddit, and entering a crypto wallet address.

That’s three tickets already for the most basic of tasks.

Visit Fight Out Presale

FightOut Tokenomics

Understanding the tokenomics of a crypto project is crucial before investing in its presale.

Here’s the low-down on Fight Out and its FGHT token:

  • The total supply of Fight Out crypto tokens is 10 billion

  • Of this figure, the tokens are split into four different pools

  • 30% will be allocated to the presale

  • 15% will be allocated to presale early investors via tokenized rewards

  • 5% will be allocated for exchange liquidity, when FGHT is listed

After the presale, 50% will be vested for a period of five years, subsequently helping to fund marketing, development, and ultimately – long-term growth.

FightOut Price Forecast and Prediction

When it comes to pricing, we already have some solid information for Fight Out investors to consider.

First and foremost, stage one of the presale is already ongoing at an entry price of $0.0166. This means that an investment of $1,000 will yield approximately 60,000 FGHT tokens.

In the following stages of the presale, the price of FGHT tokens will continue to increase incrementally.

After the Fight Out crypto presale concludes, FGHT tokens will be listed on both centralized and decentralized exchanges at a price of $0.0333.

This amounts to just over 100% higher than the presale stage one price that can be locked in right now.

In other words, if 60,000 FGHT tokens were purchased in stage one at an outlay of $1,000, the exchange listing price would theoretically carry a valuation of $2,000.

After FGHT tokens go live on exchanges, the rest is up to the market. However, Fight Out will carry a modest market capitalization nonetheless, which means there is plenty of upside for investors to target.

Visit Fight Out Presale

How to Buy Fight Out Crypto – Presale Walkthrough for Beginners

Looking to buy Fight Out crypto tokens via the presale today to lock in the stage one price of $0.0166?

If so, this can be achieved in under 10 minutes by following the step-by-step walkthrough below:

Step 1: Get MetaMask Wallet

The first step is to download a crypto wallet – with MetaMask being the best option for beginners.

MetaMask is a free crypto wallet that is compatible with web browsers like Chrome and Firefox via an extension. This will enable investors to buy Fight Out crypto tokens via their desktop devices.

Alternatively, MetaMask is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

To complete the MetaMask set-up process, choose a password. After that, MetaMask will display a 12-word backup phrase.

Write this down and keep it somewhere safe, as this is required to access MetaMask if the password is forgotten or the device holding the wallet is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

Step two requires the investor to ensure that they have ETH or USDT. These are the two currencies supported by the Fight Out crypto presale.

  • Pretty much all crypto exchanges accept ETH and USDT

  • Binance is suitable here, as it supports debit/credit cards for instant purchases

Step 3: Add ETH/USDT to MetaMask

After buying ETH or USDT, the tokens need to be transferred from the exchange over to MetaMask.

The first step in this regard is to copy the deposit address from MetaMask – which can be found beneath ‘Account 1’.

This will be the ERC-20 deposit address, which means that it is the same for both ETH and USDT.

After copying the address from Metamask, withdraw the ETH/USDT from the exchange. The exchange will ask for the receiving address – paste this in.

Step 4: Connect to Fight Out Crypto Presale

Now that MetaMask is funded with crypto, the wallet can be connected to the Fight Out presale.

Visit the Fight Out website and click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button.

Select ‘MetaMask’ and via the wallet, authorize the connection.

Visit Fight Out Presale

Step 5: Set Up Order Fight Out Crypto Presale

Once MetaMask is connected, complete the Fight Out presale order box.

This simply requires the investor to state the total number of Fight Out crypto tokens to be purchased.

Finally, confirm the purchase via MetaMask and the presale investment is complete. The presale tokens can be claimed after the Fight Out fundraising campaign has finished. Finally, for all the latest updates be sure to join the Fight Out Telegram group which has already amassed just under 5k members.

Fight Out Crypto Presale Review – The Verdict

In summary, we have explained how to buy Fight Out crypto tokens via the recently launched presale, at the best price possible.

Stage one of the presale offers a 100% upside when compared to the proposed exchange listing price. As such, the Fight Out presale is selling at a rapid rate.

To buy Fight Out crypto today, head over to the presale website and complete the purchase with either ETH or USDT.

Visit Fight Out Presale


How much is Fight Out crypto?

As of writing, Fight Out crypto tokens are being sold via the project’s presale campaign. All investors are welcome to make a purchase but the specific price will depend on what stage the presale is in. Right now, the presale is in stage one, which offers the lowest price possible at $0.0166.

What is the Fight Out crypto total supply?

Fight Out has a total supply of 10 billion tokens. This will be allocated to various areas of the project, such as the presale launch, marketing, rewards, development, and liquidity.

Which exchange will Fight Out crypto be listed on?

At this stage, Fight Out is yet to announce which centralized exchanges its FGHT tokens will be listed on. This will be revealed nearer to the end of the presale. We do, however, know that Fight Out tokens will be listed at a price of $0.0333. Moreover, as FGHT is an ERC-20 token, it will likely be listed on Uniswap in addition to centralized exchanges.

How do I buy Fight Out crypto tokens?


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Disclaimer:The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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