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Blockchain ICO Bitcoin Dogs launch sparks investment excitement

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Bitcoin Dogs, the first ICO on the Bitcoin blockchain, has drawn attention with its unique BRC-20 token, amassing $7 million in investment ahead of its close on March 15.

They say every dog has its day. And if you kicked yourself for missing out on the NFT Summer of ‘21, when virtually every NFT project instantly mooned to high heavens, then Bitcoin Dogs could be a good chance as the next NFT bull cycle looms.  

The guys behind the project are surely on to something big by being the first-ever ICO on the Bitcoin blockchain and involving a BRC-20 token.

With the BRC-20 standard and Bitcoin Ordinals taking off, prospective investors are fighting tooth and nail to get in on this unique investment opportunity, which is already nearing its conclusion on March 15th.

Thus far, Bitcoin Dogs has already raked $7.0m in under a month. Here’s a quick overview of the project.

Bitcoin Dogs: The first presale on the Bitcoin blockchain

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The introduction of BRC-20 tokens has sparked the development of coins built on Bitcoin. ORDI, SATS, and PIZA are among the tokens driving BRC-20 tokens to a collective market cap in the $3 billion zone. Then, since 2023, Bitcoin Ordinals have been the equivalent of NFTs minted on the Bitcoin layer. These bad boys have generated over $2 billion in total sales since their inception.

Bitcoin Dogs is the undisputed record holder as the first ICO ever held on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The lowdown on Bitcoin Dogs

The project merges the proven draw of pet-raising simulation games like Tamagotchi with a dash of GameFi and a lot of NFT charm sprinkled for good measure. No other project of its kind exists on Bitcoin.

Another major draw is the NFT component underpinning Bitcoin Dogs’ GameFi aspect. Slated to debut in Q2 2024, Bitcoin Dogs will feature a limited edition of 10,000 NFT dogs, each with special rarity characteristics that could be a gold mine for NFT prospectors. 

Bitcoin Dogs is positioned for growth

The massive $7.0m raised by Bitcoin Dogs in such a short space of time is only the beginning. With its Twitter account already counting well over 100k followers and its Telegram account nearing the 20k mark, Bitcoin Dogs has a serious army behind it.

After launching at a discounted price of just $0.015, 0DOG prices have since jumped 128.67% to $0.0343. And with just 17.78% to increase before it hits its final launch price of $0.0404, that community of digital dog lovers could be driving this to an early sellout. 

With perks like a 5% referral fee for token holders and a competition to see Snoop Dogg, Bitcoin Dog is here to make some noise.

With 0DOG increasing every 3 days and exchange listings soon after the presale’s conclusion on the 15th of March, Bitcoin Dogs stands out for its novel approach and strong community support.

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