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AI Integration and Blockchain to Propel Web3 Adoption

The global Web3 space is on the rise and so is its usage. In the middle of the growing use, Forbes highlights that AI and blockchain will likely be supportive in Web3 growth and making sure the functions match the user demand.

Web3 Growth to Depend on AI and Blockchain

Forbes highlights that combining blockchain technology with artificial intelligence (AI) may be the spark that Web3 adoption needs. Blockchain’s transparent and impenetrable data processing capabilities and AI’s capacity to learn from data and generate predictions can work together technologically to improve the Web3 user experience and lower friction.

For instance, consumers won’t have to give up control over their data or privacy to take advantage of personalized online experiences like music suggestions based on past listening habits thanks to decentralized AI built on blockchain.

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Both blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) are complementary technologies that each solve an issue the other presents. In the field of artificial intelligence, having access to high-quality data is essential for creating algorithms that are precise and successful. The “garbage-in; garbage-out” dilemma states that artificial intelligence (AI) taught on faulty data would inevitably provide faulty outputs.

The “garbage-in; garbage-out” issue is lessened by blockchain’s built-in consensus process, which allows nodes to agree on the “truth” of data. This protocol allows for the verification of data integrity, validity, and accuracy.

Web3 Technology Expected Growth

The size of the worldwide web 3.0 market was anticipated to be worth USD 2.18 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 46% from 2023 to 2032 when it is expected to reach approximately USD 65.78 billion. The rise of the metaverse is driving the web 3.0 business.

People are using Web 3.0 blockchains to safeguard their data and put an end to concerns about security and privacy from third-party suppliers as the idea of data ownership becomes more and more popular. Thus, the market CAGR is being driven by this aspect.

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Read More: AI Integration and Blockchain to Propel Web3 Adoption

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