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10 Best Crypto to Buy Now With 10x Potential |

Make no mistake about it – while it is true that the broader crypto markets have been bearish for nearly a year, many tokens have generated unprecedented gains during this timeframe.

Therefore, the purpose of this insight is to explore the 10 best crypto to buy now for maximum upside.

The 10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in Right Now

The projects below, as per our own subjective research and analysis, are potentially the best crypto to buy now for gains of 10x and more.

  1. Dash 2 Trade – Overall Best Crypto to Buy Now
  2. IMPT – Carbon Credit and Offset Trading Ecosystem for a Greener Future
  3. Calvaria – P2E Battle Card Game Engaged in its Presale Launch
  4. Tamadoge – Earn Crypto Tokens by Battling Virtual Pet NFTs
  5. Lucky Block – Win Real-World Prizes Worth 6-7 Figures via NFT Competitions
  6. Decentraland – Enter the Metaverse Investment Space Through MANA Tokens
  7. Bitcoin – Top Crypto Asset to Hold for Many Decades
  8. STEPN – Innovator in the Growing Move-to-Earn Arena
  9. Uniswap – Leading DEX on the Ethereum Blockchain
  10. OKB – Crypto Token Backing the OKX Exchange

1. Dash 2 Trade – Overall Best Crypto to Buy Now

Dash 2 Trade represented the overall best crypto to buy now during our comprehensive analysis process. In a nutshell, this newly founded project is building a cutting-edge analytics dashboard that has the potential to become the crypto-alternative to the Bloomberg terminal. The D2T token will be used to access the platform.

Although there will be a free plan for those on a budget, subscribers will pay a monthly fee using the D2T token to access everything that the Dash 2 Trade platform has to offer. This includes crypto signals that automate the trading process, not least because they provide the coin, buy/sell order, entry, stop-loss, and take-profit prices.

For instance, the Dash 2 Trade terminal might suggest buying Chiliz tokens when it hits a price of $0.20. The signal might also suggest a stop-loss and take-profit order price of $0.18 and $0.35 respectively. The user would then have all of the required information to consistently outperform the crypto markets.

Additionally, the Dash 2 Trade terminal will also provide on-chain analytics and social metrics. The latter, for example, will provide an alert to Dash 2 Trade members when an identified cryptocurrency is trending on Reddit, Twitter, Tik Tok, or any other notable social media platform.

Another aspect that makes Dash 2 Trade the overall best crypto to buy right now is that its terminal will provide insight into top-rated ICOs and presales. Through an in-depth analysis process, the Dash 2 Trade terminal will provide a score rating on upcoming token launches, subsequently doing the research on behalf of its subscribers.

Other features of the terminal include quarterly trading competitions with prizes, social tools that promote the sharing of insights and ideas, and a strategy building that can be backtested in live market conditions. Dash 2 Trade and its underlying D2T token could be the most successful project of 2022. Consider that in just three days, its presale has already raised more than $1.8 million.

As of writing, presale investors will get a price of $0.05 per D2T token. Investors can pay for their presale investment with either ETH or USDT. Overall, the project will raise $40 million and the D2T token will be listed on exchanges straight after reaching this target. Dash 2 Trade is also holding a $150k giveaway to celebrate its presale and growing community.

The Dash 2 Trade whitepaper provides additional information, as does the Telegram group. With the presale progressing rapidly and hype building over the huge potential of the Dash 2 Trade project, make sure you get in before it’s too late.

Visit Dash 2 Trade Presale Now

2. IMPT – Carbon Credit and Offset Trading Ecosystem for a Greener Future

Another presale opportunity that potentially represents the best cryptos to buy now is IMPT. We like the green credentials of this brand new crypto project and the fact that it has spotted a huge gap in the carbon credit trading market. In its current form, the carbon credit markets are not only fragmented but inaccessible to small companies and casual retail traders.

This means that in order to access the growth of carbon credit trading, low-level investors are required to go through a broker that has access to the OTC markets – which results in unfavorable pricing. IMPT is revolutionizing this space by building a blockchain-centric marketplace that enables investors and entities of all sizes to access carbon credits.

First, it is a requirement to purchase IMPT tokens from the platform, which are then converted to carbon credits. Holders of IMPT tokens can then offset their carbon footprint by ‘burning’ them, which essentially means they leave the circulating supply. Speculative investors, on the other hand, can hold their IMPT tokens if they believe the price of carbon credits will continue to rise.

This is because the investor can sell their IMPT tokens on the secondary markets, with the value influenced by global carbon credit prices. IMPT has already partnered with over 10,000 global brands and even more impressively – its presale has raised over $8 million in the space of a few weeks.

At the time of writing, the IMPT presale is still just within phase 1. This is good news for those that are yet to invest, considering that phase 2 will see the presale price of IMPT increase by 27%. As such, by investing in the presale while phase 1 is still active, this offers the most favorable cost price possible.

For additional information, download the IMPT whitepaper before joining the project’s Telegram group.

Visit IMPT Presale Now

3. Calvaria – P2E Battle Card Game Engaged in its Presale Launch

The ongoing theme thus far is that quality presales are typically the go-to strategy when finding the next 10x crypto. Another option we found in this regard is Calvaria. This ambitious project is looking to build the leading play-to-earn crypto game in this space. The main concept of this game is based on classic battle card arenas.

Players will have their own battle cards that are 100% owned, not least because they are backed by NFTs that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This also means that players can sell or trade their battle cards with ease.

With that said, the overarching purpose of buying and holding Calvaria cards is that they enable players to enter battles. And, in doing so, successful players will earn the project’s native cryptocurrency – RAI.

Within the Calvaria ecosystem, players will own all of the in-game assets that they earn. Moreover, Calvaria is one of the few NFT games that does not require players to make an initial investment. On the contrary, new players can start with the free-to-play version of the game.

In terms of its presale specifics, the process is currently in phase 1. This means that the best price possible is still available, with 1 USDT converting to 100 RAI tokens. Phase 2, however, will see 1 USDT convert to just 80 RAI. Therefore, early investors will already have secured an immediate upside of 20% once phase 2 kicks in.

Players can find out more information about Calvaria by downloading its whitepaper. It is also worth joining the Calvaria Telegram group to gain access to real-time development updates.

Visit Calvaria Presale Now

4. Tamadoge – Earn Crypto Tokens by Battling Virtual Pet NFTs

Unlike the prior three projects, Tamadoge has completed its presale launch. In just under two months, the Tamadoge fundraising campaign generated $19 million in sales. The TAMA token was then listed on OKX at $0.02, before peaking at $0.20 in less than a week of trading. This represents unprecedented returns of 10x.

Fortunately for those that missed out, TAMA tokens, as of writing, are trading at under $0.03. This offers an opportunity to invest in an innovative play-to-earn gaming project while it is still in its infancy. Players will be tasked with looking after a virtual NFT pet that carries its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

To improve the value and performance of the NFT, players can feed and train their virtual pets. This is with the view of earning TAMA tokens after entering battles with other players. Tamadoge will also enable players to breed their pets with other NFTs. As Tamadoge operates on the Ethereum blockchain, all in-game assets earned are 100% owned by players.

The secondary marketplace will enable players to sell or trade their in-game NFTs – including their virtual pets. For maximum player enjoyment, Tamadoge is also building its own metaverse – the ‘Tamaverse’. Players will also have access to a mobile app in 2023 that offers augmented reality experiences.

Although Tamadoge is just a few weeks into its post-presale phase, it is already listed on multiple exchanges. In addition to OKX, this includes MEXC,, Bitmart, LBank, and BKEX. Investors that prefer decentralized exchanges can purchase TAMA tokens on Uniswap. The Tamadoge whitepaper and Telegram group offer additional information on the project.

Visit Tamadoge Now

5. Lucky Block – Win Real-World Prizes Worth 6-7 Figures via NFT Competitions

Diversification is key when searching for the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022. And as such, another option to consider is Lucky Block. Its competition ecosystem offers huge prizes that include a $1 million house, BAYC NFT, and a new Lamborghini. To enter the chosen competition, an NFT must be purchased.

Not only does the respective NFT offer a ticket entry into the competition, but lifetime rewards. LBLOCK tokens are subsequently generated by holding the NFT in a wallet. This will continue to be the case for as long as the NFT is held. Entry prices to Lucky Block competitions are reasonable and the draw is made when all NFTs have been sold.

The LBLOCK token fuels the Lucky Block ecosystem and thus, this enables investors to gain exposure to the future growth of the project. LBLOCK held its presale in early 2022 and raised over $5 million worth of BNB tokens at the time. LBLOCK was then listed on PancakeSwap before increasing by 60x to over $0.09 per token.

Lucky Block is still in its early stages and much like the previously discussed Tamadoge, is trading at a huge discount as of writing when compared to its prior all-time high. LBLOCK V1 can be purchased on PancakeSwap. V2 – which is an ERC-20 token, can be purchased on centralized exchanges including and MEXC.

Finally, investors can join over 40,000 other stakeholders in the Lucky Block Telegram group.

Visit Lucky Block Now

6. Decentraland – Enter the Metaverse Investment Space Through MANA Tokens

Decentraland is a metaverse project that is built on top of the Ethereum network. Since the Ethereum blockchain’s migration to proof-of-stake, this means that transactions within the Decentraland metaverse are now cheap, fast, and highly…

Read More: 10 Best Crypto to Buy Now With 10x Potential |

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